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Apr 24

“In the consumer internet, many of the most interesting technology platforms are, at their core, networks.” — yup
Complexity in Social Networks — Interesting Innovation and Technology — Medium (via fred-wilson)

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“My parents taught me that even though it’s not forever — because it’s not forever — being alive is a profoundly beautiful thing for which each of us should feel deeply grateful.” — Sasha Sagan

Feb 25

“No natural phenomenon on Earth will be hotter. Like the sun, the cloud will go nuclear. The zooming hydrogen atoms, in a state of extreme kinetic excitement, will slam into one another, fusing to form a new element—helium—and with each atomic coupling explosive energy will be released: intense heat, gamma rays, X rays, a torrential flux of fast-moving neutrons propelled in every direction. There isn’t a physical substance that could contain such a thing. Metals, plastics, ceramics, concrete, even pure diamond—all would be obliterated on contact, and so the machine will hold the superheated cloud in a “magnetic bottle,” using the largest system of superconducting magnets in the world. Just feet from the reactor’s core, the magnets will be cooled to two hundred and sixty-nine degrees below zero, nearly the temperature of deep space. Caught in the grip of their titanic forces, the artificial earthbound sun will be suspended, under tremendous pressure, in the pristine nothingness of iter’s vacuum interior.” — Science is amazing.

Jan 06

“I see the first app you turn to in the morning as the new homepage.” — MG Siegler - The First App You Open In The Morning

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Dec 09


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Dec 04

Sometimes the Internet makes me happy.

Sometimes the Internet makes me happy.

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Nov 25

“One of the things that’s going to be huge in the future is the ability to get educated online. That’s a wave that’s going to hit in a major way in the next 20 years, and will be a huge improvement to consumer welfare all around the world.” —

Marc Andreessen

Inside the mind of Marc Andreessen - Fortune Management

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Nov 19

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